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Auto Sampling for Small Pipes

The fastloop or bypass sampling system provides a high accuracy solution on locations where the flow is already homogeneous. The fastloop sampling systems provide a higher accuracy compared to inline probe sampling systems, primarily due to the larger sampler inlet. It can be maintained without pipeline shutdown, and allows for an easy installation and maintenance of online analyzers such as e.g. BS&W, density, or viscosity analyzers.

The fastloop sampling system makes use of the byscoop and pump unit to create a bypass of the main pipeline. The  byscoop combines the loop take off and return in a single device, reducing the amount of hot tapping required on the main line. A byscoop is placed in the central third of the pipeline, allowing for a representative flow to be transported to the flowthrough cell sampler. The cell sampler is installed in the sample receiver cabinet and transfers an accurate and representative 1cc sample grab from the loop to the receiver cans.

The cell sampler is a heavy duty automatic sampler, capable of handling crude oils containing high solid contents, and highly viscose crudes. The cell sampler uses a three-step technique to assure that the performance stays unaffected by variations in the process by pressure or viscosity of the liquid.


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