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Easy Access Falling Stream Flow Cell

Compatible with TD-4100 & TD-4100XD Oil In Water Monitor

The new Easy Access falling stream flow cell for TD-4100 and the TD-4100XD oil in water eza2monitors provides easy access for window cleaning and Emission Filter change out from the front without any dis-assembly.

All the benefits of our non-contact falling stream flow cell, plus pressure proof optical windows (100 psig) to prevent flooding in plugged drain situations.

This is a dramatic advance in our product line and no one in the market has anything close. Retrofits to existing TD-4100 and TD-4100XD in minutes.

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is the worldwide leader in oil in water monitoring with a complete product line from bench top and hand held oil in water analyzers to continuous on-line monitoring systems.

  • EZ retro-fit on all TD-4100 & TD-4100XD instruments
  • EZ optical filter change for application adjustments
  • EZ access and EZ cleaning
  • Reduced down time for cleaning
  • Reduced field time for optical filter adjustments
  • Pressure proof window (100 psig) prevents flooding
  • Do-it-yourself, user friendly
  • Applies to Falling Stream Flow Cells
  • Less dependency on factory support
  • Compatible with TD-4100 & TD-4100XD





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pdficon  Easy Access falling stream flow cell

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