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Protecting the environment from unwanted hydrocarbon discharges, protecting next-xdsensitive water treatment systems from unwanted oil contamination and 24/7 monitoring of industrial. All NexTDs use our popular “E09” firmware package and on-board data logger. See the E09 data sheet for details. They are Ethernet and wireless capable and now are available with more optical choices and configurations for added field flexibility and new applications.processes to prevent upsets has been the sole purpose of Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments and its team for over 20 years. Continuous improvement of field measurement, ease of use and reliability has led to the development of our NexTD oil in water monitor. It uses a non-purged explosion proof / flame proof enclosure in 316 stainless or aluminum to CID1 and CI Zone1. The new generation oil in water monitor grew out of the popularity of our industry standard TD-4100 XD E09 powered products and the need to deploy where purge air for explosion protection was not available.

The difficulty in specifying all measurement parameters on new-field applications prior to purchase has meant having to supply the best information available at the time and requiring extended field work during commissioning. With the new NexTD product, all optical systems are “plug and play” with field work during commissioning reduced by over 80%. With Ethernet we can assist from our office, start up and commissioning can be accomplished with technician level assistance.

The NexTD is available with the standard non-contact EZ Access Flow Cell and Bubbletrap with Auto-Valve or the “C” type flow cell for high pressure, clean water applications. Dual-stream sampling is available with separate calibration curves for each sample stream. Clean-in-Place systems for cleaning the complete sample system are available with a variety of configurations. Optional ultrasonic cleaning is available on the C type flow cells.


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