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TD 500D Stocking Distributor Program

The discharge of oil into water, land, or storm water drains can be very harmful to our environment. Recent oily water discharges and oil spill incidents raised the concern about oil pollution to marine waters. Many countries have taken action setting up surveillance systems including vessels and aerial surveillance aircrafts for pollution prevention and instant reactions.

ACE Instrumentation has been dedicated to oil-in-water monitoring for 10 years. Oil-in-water monitors are used worldwide for discharge applications. The TD-500D Hand Held Oil in Water Analyzer is a low cost, user-friendly instrument. With fast analysis procedure (< 4 minutes) and accurate results, the TD-500D allows quick decision during oil spill contingency and daily water discharge compliance.

To contribute further to environmental protection and provide immediate service in Singapore and South East Asia region, ACE Instrumentation has strategically set up a TD-500D Stocking Distribution with TDHI for immediate TD-500D and accessories supply. ACE Instrumentation is based in Singapore (Bussiness hub for South East Asia and Central Asia) and with our strategic location/positioning in Asia, we can deliver the TD 500 D and its accessories in a flash.

Partnering with TDHI, the worldwide leader in oil in water monitoring. The TD-500D Hand Held Oil in Water Analyzer stands ready around Singapore and Asia for immediate services.

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