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4100 EO9 Electronics Package for TD-4100 XD and TD-4100 XDC Oil in Water Monitors!

High Resolution LCD Multifunction Color Graphics Display

Stepping up to industry demands, we have created a new high functionality user interface for our standard oil in water process and environmental discharge monitors. Our new electronics package makes set up, calibration, and process monitoring easier than ever. To answer an age old problem of the high cost of monitoring, we now have on-board control and monitoring of two sample streams.

New Hardware

  • High-resolution color LCD graphics local display with menu-driven functions.
  • Local controls – Password Protected Intrinsically Safe Stainless Steel Piezo-electric keypad with function keys for immediate access to key instrument features.
  • USB drive allows immediate down load of data from the monitor including internally stored set up details, alarm history, concentration vs. time, calibration data, event history and instrument diagnostics. It also allows automatic installation of firmware upgrades as they become available.
  • Dry-contact relays (6 amp, 250 VAC) for control of the TDHI Sample Switching System for two sample streams, Automatic Cell Cleaning System (available on the XDC), alarm enunciations and on/off control of auxiliary devices

New Alarm and Control Functions

  • All six control relays are dry contact type.
  • Relays can be wired NO (Normally Open)or NC (Normally Closed).
  • Alarms can be set to “Latched” or “Un-Latched”.
  • Four relays are reserved for alarm enunciation.
  • Two relays are available for time-based control of user-supplied auxiliary devices such as streams switching between two water sources.
  • Start-time, duration and cycle frequency for auxiliary devices are user-configurable.

New Software

  • Three display modes: Normal, Trend and Statistics
  • Normal Mode: Numeric and bar graph displays data for up to 2 sample streams (A and B).
  • Trend Mode: User-scalable trend charts for oil concentration (or fluorescence) and/or cell condition.
  • Statistics Mode: Numeric display of current, maximum, minimum and average oil concentration and/or cell condition.
  • Separate linear or non-linear calibrations for up to two monitored process streams (A and B).
  • Calibration by linear regression using data from up to 99 stored standards.
  • Calibration can also be performed by direct entry of calibration constants or by correlation to a second method such as the TD-500D, OSPAR, ISO, or any legitimate local oil in water measurement method.
  • Units are user-selectable (Raw Fluorescence Units, PPM, PPB).
  • Offset adjustments can be made to compensate for shifts in background fluorescence, without modifying calibration standards or user-provided calibration constants.
  • All functions Password Protected.
  • Outputs and Data Logging
  • 4-20mA, Selectable between Loop Powered or Instrument Powered.
  • Hart Protocol (Other communication protocols available).
  • Data stored in on-board, non-volatile memory and on USB thumb drive.
  • Data logging confirms to IMO 107(49) security standards.
  • Data can be automatically downloaded to USB thumb drive.


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