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Portable Moisture Analyser

moistureanalyzerEasy to use and fully automatic, KAM® Karl Fischer MoistureAnalyzers totally eliminate the troublesome procedures involved with conventional water determinations. Because they incorporate a special electrolysis current-control system, KAM® moisture analyzers ensure the fast and accurate measurement of even trace water content. KAM® moisture analyzers are available in lab (LKF) and portable models (PKF), both of which utilize the coulometric principle applied to Karl Fischer titration. KAM® moisture analyzers rapidly and accurately determine the water content of liquid hydrocarbons for all custody transfer operations: production, pipeline, marine, or truck. They can also be used to analyze crude oils, refined products, transformer oils, jet fuels, chemicals, and most other liquids.

In the plant, the moisture analyzers can monitor the moisture content of streams during start-ups, shut downs, upsets, and normal operations. KAM® moisture analyzers are especially helpful in units where machinists use expensive catalysts as part of a preventative maintenance program. KAM® moisture analyzers also detect cooling water leaks before they become severe enough to damage equipment.

Key KAM Advantages:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Automatic electrolysis control and blank current control system
  • No reagent calibration and no burettes required
  • 5-digit digital display
  • Bar-graph meters monitor progress of titration
  • Titration cell assembly
  • Portable model has 10 hours continuous operation on rechargeable battery


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pdficon Moisture Analyzer Karl Fischer

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