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TD-107 5.0

Introducing The World’s Only DNV Clean Design Certified 5 PPM Bilge AlarmTD107

  • FLUORESCENCE detection technology is resistant to interferences from turbid or dirty water that impact light scatter devices.
  • Substances such as sediment and rust do not materially interfere with the detection of oil in water.
  • FLUORESCENCE detection ensures that the Oily Water Separator is not ‘fooled’ into staying in recirculation mode by false positives caused by silt and other solids.
  • Features self-compensating electronics that corrects for fouling of the sample cell, along with a Cell Condition Monitor to alert crew when cleaning is required. Simple and easy maintenance.
  • Includes standard alarm relays and 4-20mA output for remote monitoring, along with user-friendly USB data.



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pdficon TD-107 5.0

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