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Water in Oil Monitor

With 1% of full scale accuracy regardless of range, the rugged Oil Water Detector is the ideal instrument for monitoring water concentrations in a variety of applications from production to refinery. The Oil Water detector offers continuous, real-time data for net oil and net water, plus the conductivity, dialectric, and both real and imaginary parts of permittivity of the fluid. The patented three-antenna design reads both oil continuous and water continuous modes simultaneously and automatically transitions between the two. The Oil Water can also be calibrated to correct for the affects of salinity. Measurement is fully automatic with no need for operator intervention or supervision.

The Oil Water detector also uses internal references to auto calibrate for drift caused by temperature changes of the electronics, the aging of the electronics components, fluid pressure, and fluid temperature.

The simplicity of design and quality of engineering employed in the Oil Water detector mean there are no moving parts. The Oil Water detector is the only water cut meter available with all the requisite electronics incorporated into the unit itself. The output signal can be sent to Flow Computers, SCADA, PLC’s or to a Central Control Room for logging or display on chart recorders or monitors.

The four available models include the Oil Water detector Insertable sensor which can be inserted directly into your pipe or tank through a hot tap, helping you avoid costly drainage, the need for a bypass loop, or having to cut a section in the pipe. The Oil Water detector FT Flow Through model can be used in an analyzer/densitometer loop, for process optimization where an accurate determination of water concentration is important. It is also vital to optimizing the desalinization process. The Oil Water detector Spool is designed for well-head applications and includes a  Static Mixing Spool and an integrated sample valve.


  • Automatic temperature correction
  • Pressure rated up to ANSI 2500
  • All requisite electronics housed within unit (can also be mounted remotely) and included in unit price
  • Negligible pressure drop with insertable model


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